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The Harness Way – Realising Potential

Harness is a modern and innovative provider of training and labour supply services to the domestic and international energy, resources, and construction sectors.

We believe in the power of positive and shared energy; that we can all be a part of building a better community and that big results are achieved through the culmination of many focused and disciplined actions.

Every day, Harness People work towards lifting the standards of operations wherever we are present. We do this through our philosophy of integration. We believe that People and Training go together; where there is one, there is the other! At Harness, our people are sent to work knowing that they are supported from a learning, development and skill advancement perspective. Harness utilises its focused training and competency capacity for our clients and for our People together. Harness invests heavily in the training of our people; with advanced learning content, high-end value add courses, and with passion for what we do.

We are innovators at Harness. We will always challenge the status quo because we feel that is the pathway to growth and evolution. We will always seek new and improved ways of doing things that will improve the capability of our People and thereby ensure our clients receive a superior outcome. We do this through action, investment and debate.

We care deeply about what we do and our People. Whether you are a Harness contractor, Harness employee or Harness externally deployed person; you are Harness People in the minds of the Operating Staff. We commit to always being available to Harness People. That is the hallmark of a strong relationship and community; where everyone is there for everyone all the time. Lip service will never be paid to this core attribute and it is a central tenant of our recruiting process. We employ People who inherently care about People.

Throughout our entire message, the genuine central theme is one of Social Responsibility. Our partnerships and relationships are very real and honestly kept by us. We will always strive to deliver on our promises and make a difference. We get a real satisfaction from supplying services that exceed expectations and for being known as a company that grows in every way.

Thank you for sharing our journey…

Harness – The Training Experts…

Modern and Innovative Supplier of Training and Competency Services

Harness is a unique and innovative training organisation that specialises in the upstream oil and gas industry, providing a wide range of training options for our clients.

Harness has a large range of courses available to meet the needs of our clients as well as tailored courses to suit the needs of the industry and clients alike.

As an organisation we plan to grow with the ever-changing requirements of the upstream sector while still maintaining our client based focus. This has allowed Harness to move beyond our competitors and provide a “one stop shop” for all of our upstream clients.

Harness has available the latest and most up to date simulators in The South East Asian region for well control training and have designed specialty courses such as Stuck pipe, Casing and Cementing and Wireline to achieve full utilisation of our simulators.

Drilling And Well Control Training

Harness is an accredited provider for:

  • IWCF well Control surface and subsea stack levels 2, 3, & 4
  • IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Control, levels 2, 3 & 4
  • IADC Well Control Surface and Subsea stack
  • IADC Introductory level

This suite of courses allows Harness to train a wider range of Drilling and Well servicing personnel from all over the globe utilising our full size rig floor simulator including the option of a cyber chair.

Harness has 3 available well control instructors who have a wide range of experience in Well Control, from training, rig crew and petroleum engineering backgrounds.

Safety and Induction Training

Harness has a wide range of safety and induction training available to our clients as well as the equipment necessary for all practical assessment scenarios for each of the;

  • Working at heights and heights rescue;
  • Confined space entry and rescue;
  • Breathing apparatus;
  • First aid;
  • Gas Test Atmospheres;
  • 4WD Training
  • + lots more

Competency and Qualifications

Harness also provide specialty training and assessment in the RII Drilling Oil and Gas onshore cert 2, 3, 4 and Diploma levels, with professionally written workbooks that are easy to follow at all levels.

Harness has an onsite content expert to assess the certifications allowing for quick turn around for our clients.

Harness also has the Well Servicing RII from cert 2,3,4 and diploma with our written workbooks as well as a content expert on well servicing to again provide a quick turn around for our clients.

Training Consultancy Services

Harness has the capability to train our clients in our modern facility in Brisbane or we can deploy our trainers to anywhere around the globe to conduct courses from our entire suite. At very competitive rates our clients are finding this option very cost effective whilst still receiving the best possible training.

Nationalisation Training

Harness has had remarkable success with our clients national workforce in PNG where our clients national workforce gained IADC well control certification. A very rigouress training regime which included 3 pre course training sessions prior to the full well control course and the dedication of our instructors to assist the students in all aspects of well control led to a result that makes Harness proud of our nationalisation training program.

Human Factors Approach to Training

Human factors in the oil and gas industry are emerging as a significant area of focus and development across the globe. Harness Energy has strengthened its commitment to incorporating human factors into its training program.

This approach to optimising learning outcomes means that when people finish a Harness Training program, they leave the courses:

  • More likely to be safety aware for longer;
  • Relating more meaningfully to the desire for an improved Safety culture;
  • Retaining learning’s for longer;
  • Feeling as though the program gave them something more than just a certificate; and

Believing they are now adequately skilled for the tasks they need to perform.

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