Operate Vehicles in the Field 4WD Training

Harness provides a one-day Operate Vehicles in the Field 4WD training course which covers the necessary theoretical and practical elements to train participants in the skills required operate a vehicle in the field.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this training students will receive a Statement of Attainment for:

Operate Vehicles in the Field – PMASUP236
Operate Light Vehicles  – RIIVEH201D

Program Benefits & LEARNING METHODS

Finding the right 4wd training in Brisbane for your employees can be challenging. You need a comprehensive course with the right mix of classroom information and practical off road training.Harness employs 4WD trainers from multiple industry sectors to ensure specialised and contextualised training.

Operate Vehicles in the Field 4WD training courseThis allows our students to walk away feeling adequately trained to operate vehicles in the field reducing the risks of accidents.

Harness, the leader in health and safety training in Australia and Papua New Guinea,offers one-day 4wd training in Brisbane that covers all areas of safety. It’s time for you to experience a 4WD course that gives you both theoretical and practical knowledge that will directly affect your safety and performance.

Learning Methods

The mode of delivery for this course is partly face to face in a classroom environment as well practical based training in a 4WD.

In the delivery of this Operate Vehicles in the Field 4WD training course, our trainers focus on providing an individualised adult learning environment that considers the learner’s previous experience in operating a 4WD.

Course Content

The Harness Operate Vehicles in the Field 4WD training course focuses on 6 key areas to ensure you are adequately trained in all the skills necessary to operate a vehicle in the field.

Operate Vehicles in the Field 4WD training course:

Preparing the 4WD vehicle and Securing Loads:

  • This looks at vehicle familiarisation, pre-start checks to note and rectify defects, secure loads both internally and externally in the vehicle

Undertake Journey Management:

  • Route familiarisation and planning
  • Obtain relevant authorisations prior to leaving
  • Monitor driving and vehicle conditions
  • Establishing communication channels to ensure journey status

Operating the Vehicle:

  • Driving on various terrains utilising both 2WD and 4WD functions of the vehicle
  • Carry out defensive driving techniques
  • Drive to suit road conditions

Finalise Journey:

  • Communication channels to ensure a successful conclusion of the journey.
  • Reporting on faults and unsecuring any loads

Recover Vehicle:

  • Jump starts, operate recovery equipment and execute various recovery techniques, changing a wheel, etc..

Maintain Vehicle Safety

  • Ensuring appropriate speeds are kept, seat belts are worn, vehicle restrictions and other requirements.

Further Information

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You can view our terms and conditions and student handbook here before making a decision to train with us.