The Harness Mobile Training Unit

What is the Harness Mobile Training Unit?

The Harness Mobile Training Unit is a fully functional and comprehensive training room on wheels – kitted out with all the necessary equipment and capability to deliver a range of training courses.

Harness has designed a state of the art Mobile Training Unit (MTU) to serve the needs of our customers across Queensland and Northern NSW.


Mobile Training Unit


At Harness, we know that attending off-site training isn’t always the most appropriate or convenient option for our customers. The Harness Mobile Training Unit has been developed to provide our customers with an additional, flexible alternative to ensure their teams are trained effectively, efficiently and to the highest standards possible.

Why choose the Harness Mobile Training Unit to deliver your training?

The Mobile Training Unit provides customers with a way to deliver training to their teams on-site at your business or another suitable location of your choice, thus achieving four key benefits:

  1. Saving you time – No travel time involved; employees can work before and/or after any training if appropriate;
  2. Saving you money – No employee travel costs or expenses;
  3. Flexibility – select a delivery method for your training that suits your business needs;
  4. Convenience – None of the administrative tasks associated with sending employees to an off-site location to conduct training.

What kind of training can the Harness Mobile Training Unit deliver for you?

The Harness Mobile Training Unit has been purpose built to deliver a very broad range of safety training to your team, regardless of your location. Courses that are currently available include:

  • Working at Heights
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Gas Test Atmospheres
  • Fire Training
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Permit to Work, including LoTo
  • 4wd training

We are continuing to expand the range of courses we deliver through the Mobile Training Unit so please contact us if you have additional training needs you would like delivered at your location via the convenience and flexibility of the Harness Mobile Training Unit.

What kind of equipment and facilities does the Harness Mobile Training Unit provide?

The MTU comes with all the equipment needed to deliver the practical and theoretical components of the above Units of Competency (UoC). The MTU comes equipped with Harnesses, lanyards, shackles, ropes, fire extinguishers, gas fed fire simulator, bollards, First aid mannequins, defibrillators, CPR equipment, tripods, Gas testing equipment, all lock out and permit equipment, breathing apparatus and many many more. ALL certified, tested, tagged and maintained to the highest levels.

What is the minimum and maximum number of people who can be trained in the Harness Mobile Training Unit?

Here again is where the flexibility of the Harness MTU comes into its own. Dependent upon your needs, we can deliver training, in suitable size groups, to all your personnel on site. Groups can be split, blended together, large or small size.

What is the cost of utilising the Harness Mobile Training Unit?

Enquire for an obligation free quote or proposal.

Does Harness provide the trainer?

Absolutely! All of our trainers have a wealth of industry experience and are 100% focused on delivering learning outcomes for your team. Each Trainer/Assessor has been trained to the highest levels.

Does Harness bring the Mobile Training Unit to our location of choice?

Yes – Harness ensures that the Mobile Training Unit is delivered to your chosen location and set up in a suitable area in advance of the training commencing.

Want to find out more?

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