The Harness Mobile Training Unit

Bringing Accredited Safety Training to Your Site for as Little as $1,790* per Day!

Harness Mobile Training Unit
The Harness Mobile Training Unit

The Harness state of the art Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is a fully functional and comprehensive training room on wheels – kitted out with all the necessary equipment and capability to deliver a range of training courses and meet the needs of our customers across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.



Why choose the Harness Mobile Training?

At Harness, we know that attending off-site training isn’t always the most appropriate or convenient option for our customers therefore the Harness Mobile Training Unit has been developed to provide our customers with an additional, flexible alternative to ensure their teams are trained effectively, efficiently and to the highest standards possible.

The Mobile Training Unit provides customers with a way to deliver training to their teams on-site at your business or another suitable location of your choice, thus achieving four key benefits:

  1. Saving you time – No travel time involved; employees can work before and/or after any training if appropriate;
  2. Saving you money – No employee travel costs or expenses;
  3. Flexibility – select a delivery method for your training that suits your business needs;
  4. Convenience – None of the administrative tasks associated with sending employees to an off-site location to conduct training.

Find out more about the Harness Mobile Training Unit in our FAQ section. 

What kind of training can the Harness Mobile Training Unit offer?

Courses that are currently available include:

*Additional equipment is required to undertake this training and associated assessments.

The Mobile Training Unit also can deliver:

  • Load Restraint & Secure Cargo
  • Risk Management
  • Permit to Work
  • Chain of Responsibility
  • Dangerous Goods & HAZMAT
  • Spill Control
  • Gas Test Atmosphere
  • Emergency Response

We are continuing to expand the range of courses we deliver through the Mobile Training Unit so please contact us if you have additional training needs you would like delivered at your location via the convenience and flexibility of the Harness Mobile Training Unit.

Contact us for a tour of the Harness Mobile Training Unit or to find out more about how we can satisfy your training requirements.

Want to find out more?

For further information or to book a tour of the Harness Mobile Training Unit please call 1800 HARNESS (+61 7 3292 0700) or email today to find out more!


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