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Harness provides a range Confined Space Management Services to support clients where working in a confined space is required. The dangers of working in a confined space cannot be underestimated – in fact, when compared with working outside, a confined space can increase the hazards and risks workers face by up to 150 times.

Significant dangers exist when working in a confined space because they are usually not designed to be areas where people work. These spaces often have poor ventilation, which allows hazardous atmospheres to quickly develop, especially if the space is small. Moreover, the hazards faced are not always obvious and may change from one entry into the confined space to the next. Find out more about the dangers of working in a confined space here. 

To support clients in navigating the risks, Harness provides consulting support in the form of a number of Confined Space Management Services:

Harness Confined Space Management Services

Our range of services include:

  • Mine shut downs and planned maintenance programs, including the supply of confined space crews to oversee confined space related activities and ensure safety;
  • Large scale development projects where earth works and excavation is being carried out;
  • Process plant and refinery support;
  • General risk based consulting, rescue plan development services and overall management of Confined Space risks.
  • Labour supply
  • Plant and equipment hire

Confined Space Management Services Manpower & Labour Supply

We can provide labour with the relevant training and Units of Competency to work in a confined space (namely RIIWHS202D Enter and Work in Confined Spaces, MSMPER200 Work in Accordance with an Issued Permit, MSMWHS217 Gas Test Atmospheres), to support clients in their confined space work.

Positions we can supply include:

  • Supervisors
  • Gas Testers / Gas Sentries
  • Confined Space Managers
  • Labourers

Example of a Confined Space Crew:

Confined Space Management Services Crew

Plant and Equipment Hire

In addition to labour, Harness can provide plant and equipment to help fulfil your work in a confined space. Examples of what can be provided include:

  • Gas testing atmospheres
  • Personal gas monitor
  • Automated testing system
  • Calibration gas
  • Communications – Two way radios
  • Torches
  • Man down alarms
  • Confined space area lighting
  • Personal protective equipment


To find out more about how Harness can provide Confined Space Management services to support your activities in a confined space call us on  1800 HARNESS(+61 7 3292 0700) or email today.

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