Harness provides a range of consulting services:

Your Confined Space Management Services Partner

Harness provides a range of confined space consulting solutions to support clients in maintaining safety when undertaking work in a confined space as well as providing guidance on the registration and Australian standards surrounding working in a confined space. Find out more…

Your Environment and Social Responsibility Partner

Ensuring success throughout your project’s life-cycle requires a specialist service provider that understands your business needs. At Harness, we partner with our clients to deliver specialist environmental, people, safety and social performance solutions with a focus on the oil and gas exploration sector.

We are involved in projects throughout the value chain:

  • Early stage feasibility
  • Baseline and impact studies
  • Strategic advice
  • Management of approvals and permitting processes
  • Compliance assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Waste management
  • Ongoing monitoring

Throughout the project’s life-cycle we use our collective expertise to deliver the best results to our clients. Our corporate level services include:

Planning and Approval

ESIA, modelling and visualisation, flora and fauna monitoring

Approvals and Permitting


Social Performance

Socio-economic baseline studies, SIA, stakeholder research, investment strategy

Environmental Performance

Environmental management systems, EIA, management plans

Pollution, Waste and Remediation

Site assessments, ecological risk assessments, hydrological assessments, contamination

Environmental Design and Management

Building engineering, fire safety, security and data management

Energy and Water Management

Auditing, project management and utility monitoring, carbon footprint assessment

GIS and Spatial

Needs assessment, design, GIS publishing, 2D spatial, training and 3D visualisation


Your Health, Safety, Security and Risk Partner

At Harness, we are dedicated to the supply of high quality services in the areas of health, safety, security and risk. Our clients expect high quality service provision and that is guaranteed through working with Harness.

In particular, Harness provides the following services:


  • Provision of remote medical facilities
  • Provision of contract medics and nurses
  • Supply of equipment
  • Provision of remote medical needs assessments
  • Emergency response planning and formalities


  • Provision of Contract OHS and HSE Specialists
  • Safety Management Systems development and implementation – all levels and elements
  • Project OHS support – bridging, contractor management, auditing and assurance
  • Emergency response and crisis management
  • Behavioural and cultural safety assessments and development of systems to support
  • Incident investigations and management


  • Security assessments, audits and studies
  • Security teams – remote, urban and project
  • Training of key personnel on self defence, risks and control
  • Event security and response services
  • TOTAL Security Solutions


  • Safety case development
  • HAZID, SIMOP, HAZOP, risk reviews and studies
  • Risk strategy and system development
  • Early stage project risk solutions
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